By the time you read this, there may be a new speaker of the House. Or there may not be. But however that GOP civil war is resolved, another one is brewing. Later this month, the Republican National Committee is set to vote on its chair. Ronna McDaniel has served in that post since Donald Trump handpicked her after winning the White House in 2016. Though she has presided over GOP defeats in 2018 (lost the House) and 2020 (lost the White House and the Senate) and a dismal performance in 2022, this Trump toady who promoted the Big Lie and who assisted Trump in the arguably illegal fake elector plot is still in the job and the favorite for reelection. She is a symbol of how the Republican Party has operated in recent years: loyalty to Trump is valued more than results or principles. Fun fact: she is a niece of Mitt Romney and dropped Romney from her name when that association became inconvenient.