Maybe because I’ve been in Southern California these past few days, but the couplet from the Eagles’ “Hotel California” came to mind, as I absorbed all the punditry about Donald Trump and the midterm elections. Commentators of the left and right pronounced the former reality-TV president the huge loser in the midterms, and talk turned to the question of whether the Republicans should and/or might finally rid themselves the narcissistic demagogue. Much was made of the Murdoch empire’s apparent pivot from Trump, with Fox, the New York Post, (“Trumpty Dumpty”!) and the Wall Street Journal (“Trump Is the Republican Party’s Biggest Loser”) conveying the unsubtle message that it is time for Trump to go. Hate-monger Ann Coulter, author of the 2016 worst-seller In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome, told Trump to “shut the fuck up, forever.” Headlines blared the news. “Republicans Seek Distance from Trump,” the New York Times declared, and the Washington Post weighed in with, “Republican rivals start plotting a post-Trump future.” Numerous GOP officials pushed the talking point that the party at this point has no single chieftain, meaning Trump is no longer their Dear Leader.