A political party led by a man who incites and excuses political violence, who threatens democracy, and who advances the loony conspiracy theory that his political opponents are baby-eating, Satanic sex-traffickers is close to seizing control of a portion of the US government, and…this is not regarded as a national crisis. It’s a month out to the congressional midterm elections, and the Republican Party remains the odds-on favorite of winning a majority within the House of Representatives, and it retains a good shot at bagging the Senate. Pundits on television calmly assess the 2022 elections, noting the historical pattern—the party in control of the White House tends to take a shellacking—and many within the political media world, including Democrats, act as if we’re in a normal cycle. Yet the nation is poised on a precipice that warrants apprehension, if not hair-on-fire screaming. It’s a break-glass moment—though it’s not.